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Welcome to Smooth Soul Online:

For people who enjoy jazz and soul..


It's in the air and on the airways. This time of year is symbolic for new life and new beginnings. Musically speaking, there'sa lot to be excited about. Saxophonist, Marqueal Jordan, trumpeter, Willie Bradley, and a new sound from some old friends adds a little extra spring to our musical rotation.  See what else is poppin' on the new release page.

March Featued Artist :
Willie Bradley


The LIVE 365 Player Window:

Smooth Soul Radio is hosted by LIVE 365, the largest internet radio provider in the world. In this window, you can rate each song as it plays, by giving it a "thumb's up" or a "thumb's down", you can add this or any other station to your presets, and you can rate the station overall. Initially,this will be your primary means of giving us your feedback.  Even aftr all other mchanisms are in place, the window wil be there as the first-option interface.

Just a couple of cicks away.  Press play, and enjoy!

John Marcus
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